While You Apply the Black Mask take Advantage to Improve Your Eyebrows

black mask facial

You are in the middle of a beauty treatment and you have just applied a mask to improve your face skin and rejuvenate. What can you do while waiting for it to take effect?

Improve your eyebrows! That’s what I do every time I apply the black mask and I hope since going out on the street with that black thing on my face is not a very good idea (although I have friends who do).

How to do it? Brush your eyebrows up with a brow brush or children’s toothbrush. Apply the eyebrow pencil with short strokes in the same direction as the eyebrows grow. Always rest your hand lightly; never pull on the skin. Pour with your finger or cotton wool.

The eyebrow pencil should look very natural and can help highlight your beautiful eyes. Select a pencil that is soft enough to slip easily, but not as soft as the eyeliner pencil. Maybelline’s pencil is very good and low cost.

The color should match the natural tone of your eyebrow unless your eyebrows are so pale that they don’t show. If this is the case, select pencils slightly darker than your eyebrows. Use two or more pencils in different shades for a natural effect. For light eyebrows, use light brown or silvery beige or a combination of both. If you are redheaded, use light brown and a touch of reddish coffee; beware: too much reddish coffee looks orange and artificial. Even the darkest brunettes should not wear pure black on their eyebrows. Instead, use dark brown and charcoal or a combination of both.

If your eyebrows are too dark and you don’t want to discolor them, use a little base on them to lighten them slightly. The illuminating powder also works well as a temporary bleach.

Pencils should always be soft, but sharp. I like Revlon and Max Factor retractable pencils. They’re like drawing pencils and they always have a point.

After coloring your eyebrows, brush them up to mix the pencil and make them look thicker. If they are not kept in place, use a liquid fixator called Perma-Brow, which is available from salon providers. Make sure that there is no residue around your eyebrows because they will tend to shine. Another technique is to apply ordinary soap or hair fixer before brushing.

So you can take advantage of the time while doing your beauty treatment at home, what do you think?

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