How to Turn Your Home into a Gym

It’s no secret that we need to work out! No matter how thin, fat, short, tall, weak or strong you are. Not even your age matters. Regardless of any of the aforementioned, we all need exercise to be healthy. However, in this modern day in age, getting your workouts in is not always feasible.

Gyms can be expensive, overcrowded and even unsanitary. Beyond that, is the fact that we tend to be so crunched for time that we can’t always make it there. But have no fear! You can actually build a home gym with a few simple pieces of equipment that you can find around your home. Here’s how!

Turn Your Home into a Gym

Gallon Jugs Filled with Water

One of the favorite things people like to use at the gym are free weights. You don’t have any? No problem. Simply fill up gallon jugs with water. You can put as much or as little water as you deem necessary. You can use them for bicep curls, working out your triceps, shoulders or even while you do squats and lunges.

A Step Stool

A simple step stool from your kitchen or even a low bench or kiddie table can work to do step ups, explosive jumps and lunges. You can also use any steps or stairs you have in the home.

A Towel

You can use a tower to put on the ground for any stretches and yoga exercises you would like to do. However, the use of a towel goes beyond that! You can use it similar to an elastic band and work out your arms by pulling for chest and shoulder presses. You can also fold it underneath your feet for a variation on a bridge to work your core and butt a little more intensely. You can also wrap it around your bent knee and lift it with your arms in order to do a curl.

Dish Towels

You can use small dish towels under your hands or feet to help you do a variety of exercises like squat slides, side slides, side lunges, runners lunges, and even ham-string curls while laying on your back.

A Table

A table is a great way to get started on your push-ups. If you can’t do a regular push-up, you can start off doing them at a higher angle, which will help you work those muscles. The stronger that you become, the lower table you will need to use and eventually you can begin doing push-ups on the ground.

Laundry Basket

Fill up a laundry basket with clothes and laundry detergent and you can use it for your dead lifts. Control the weight by how much you add to it. Additionally, you might even get inspired to get your laundry done!


You can pick a sturdy door and while it’s open, use it as a pull up bar! Just be sure that it’s strong enough to handle your weight.

Bodyweight Exercises

Bodyweight exercises are great for working out. In fact, doing HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) requires little to no equipment and is extremely effective in building stamina, building muscle, and helping you lose weight. Some of the best exercises include a variety of planks, push-ups, squats, and lunges.

Slight variations in these exercises help work different muscles and cause muscle confusion, which is great for building muscle. You can make an effective routine that you stick to for a couple weeks and then slightly vary the exercise in order to avoid any plateaus.

Gyms are great. They really work for some people, because they have a lot of equipment and knowledgeable people and it’s also a place to be social. However, they don’t work for everyone. Whether it be because of privacy issues, germ issues, money issues, or a lack of time, sometimes the gym is just not the best answer to your need for a workout. But with a little imagination and know-how, you don’t need the gym! Workout at home and safe money and time!

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